The Bestest Way to Communicate

Trusted by billions, The Telephone is the leading communication tool.

Talk with other people. In real time. All over the world.

Over 1 billion people have used The Telephone to make more than 3454902343297 calls to their clients, in-house colleagues, remote teams, friends, families, wives, husbands, children, lovers, and various unsuspecting people at dinner time to try and sell them shit they don't want.

The Telephone works

In just seconds, you can be talking with anyone, just about anywhere in the world! All for just a few dollars a month! No configuration necessary; all you have to do is remember a few numbers (an ideal application for Trailer Park).

“Mr Watson—Come here—I want to see you”
-Alexander Graham Bell

“A godsend for groups who need to talk with, you know, other people, who aren't, you know, in the same place.”
-Ted, Wyld Stallyns