What are the advantages of a pencil and paper?


Stop paying hundreds of dollars for fiddly computer programs that end up being replaced by post-it notes. We believe in going directly to post-it notes. For the monthly price of a popular web-based system, you can buy a truckload of post-it notes.

Why is it better for my business?

When you use a pencil and paper, you don't have to worry about anything technical — you can just do your work. You can stay focused on what you're good at and we'll handle the rest.


Power outage? No problem. Upgrade to Windows Vista from your Apple II systems? No problem. Pencil and Paper work even in the most difficult situations.

We've been around for hundreds of years. We are used on all continents, and every company, everywhere in the world.


No more wondering if your on-line systems are storing your passwords as plain text. No more fretting about servers going down. You control your own data yourself.

There’s nothing to install, ever.

Just start writing. That's all there is to it. No computer required, no internet connection, no browser. You don't even need to plug it in or charge the batteries!

You can work from home, work, or on the road.

You can take your pencil and paper with you everywhere. At home, at the office, even during take off and landing on airplanes!

You’ll never have to ask “Is it compatible?”

Use Windows? Linux? Mac? Atari? Apple II? Commodore 64? TI-84? No problem.